Posters are only printed for Department of Scientific Computing faculty and students.

Poster printing is costly and to avoid excess charges we recommend users pay close attention to the following details.

Page Size

The paper in the printer is 42" wide. A maximum width of 40" is suggested to ensure none of your material is unintentionally cut off. Posters can be of any length, but keep in mind that trimming excess margins requires a steady hand. Also, if you want a poster wider than 40" (i.e. perhaps 60"w x 40"h) it is OK to change the page orientation so the width of the paper becomes the height of the poster--again, keep in mind you are responsible for trimming excess margins if the height is under 40". 

File Formats

Posters are typically sent to the printer via Photoshop (PSD, PDF, PS, TIFF, PNG, JPG, EPS, GIF, etc.) or Adobe Acrobat (PDF). Other formats such as Adobe Illustrator (.AI) or OmniGraffle (.GRAFFLE) should be exported to Photoshop to print. Email TSG with any questions regarding conversion of your format. The VisLab (DSL 428) is another good resource for knowledge and software to convert formats. 

Can I print a LaTeX poster?

Yes. Just make sure you have the LaTeX? compiled into a PDF. After that Photoshop or Acrobat will be used to print. 

What software should I use to make my poster?

Use the application you are most comfortable with, but make sure there is a way to get from your application's format to one supported by Photoshop. For example, Adobe Illustrator (.AI) and Gimp (.XCF) have options to export your media directly to the Photoshop (.PSD) format. Exporting your graphics to PDF is also sufficient. If you have not purchased a version of Photoshop, Illustrator, or any of the other commercial graphic design software, we recommend Gimp as a free (open source) alternative with a very similar feel to Photoshop. Free alternatives for PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat Professional also exist including Contact TSG if you need these installed on your machine. 


The poster printer uses the CMYK color model. Photoshop can automatically convert RGB CMYK for you, but please be aware that: 1) it is not always an accurate conversion, and 2) failing to change to the correct color model causes many poster printers to revert to grayscale prints. We advise configuring your color model before creating your poster to avoid this headache. 

What kind of printer is used?

An HP DesignJet Z3100ps 44" poster printer. NOTE: the actual paper size is 42". 

How much does poster printing cost?

Pricing is determined on an individual basis, but users can assume it will be competitive compared to third party printing. Aside from the cost of the first print, users are responsible for "second tries" and may also be charged for heavy use of the printer (i.e. heavy ink). The Department Director and Associate Director of Computing are working together to define a standard rate per square foot based on average costs of ink, paper and printer maintenance. Members of the department mailing list will be notified directly of any changes in pricing. 

Do I have permission to print a poster?

Have you contacted Bill Burgess or TSG and informed them of your intent to print? Only Bill Burgess has access to the printer and you will need to arrange a time to meet with him. In addition, he will need the Department Director's approval before he can hit the print button. **Please do not wait until the day before your presentation to try and print. 

How do I access the Poster Printer from my machine?

You don't. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule an appointment to print your poster. They will help you export the poster to the correct format and manage the printing process. 

What if I need my poster tomorrow?

So you procrastinated like most of us are bound to do. Administration has gone home for the day and your poster session is tomorrow. Fortunately for you, Kinko's and Target Copy are both northeast of campus and open late (Target Copy is 24 hours). Unfortunately for you, the cost is coming out of your pocket on this one.