Sophos are distributed in two forms: Standalone and Network Installations. Network installation is based on Windows 2000 or above domains. Multiple subnets and mobile and home users will encounter difficulties with that. In those cases, standalone installation may be a better choice. But Sophos access acount and password have to be distributed to each user.


Standalone Installation


Windows XP/2003/Vista...

Download escw73sasfx.exe from /panfs/panasas1/system/software via Alternatively it can also be downloaded from using the username and password provided to you by TSG. Logon as user with administrator rights and run the program using the default settings. During the setup you will need the following information.

In the Properties for Sophos AutoUpdate dialog box, click the Primary server tab.
Address: Sophos
User Name: em(contact TSG)
Password: (contact TSG)


Similar to Windows setup.