FSU ALERT - Emergency Information and Instructions

FSU's coronavirus response
Coronavirus: Frequently Asked Questions
Office of Distance Learning (ODL) Emergency Online Instruction
When an emergency affects your ability to teach your courses, ODL is here to help. Even if you've never taught online, learning a few basics can help you keep your courses running in spite of a campus closure. It can also help you recover after the emergency is over. Whether you're new to Canvas or have some experience, we've assembled resources for delivering your classes online.

FSU ITS Employee Remote Work Essentials
To successfully work remotely, you’ll need a computer, a reliable internet connection and your FSU login credentials. We also recommend bookmarking your essential websites to make accessing your go-to files easier. Make sure to take the time to test everything out before you plan to be away and make sure you are set up for success.

Who’s staying home because of COVID-19?
A list of all the companies WFH or events changed because of covid-19

MAP: Coronavirus Resource Center - Johns Hopkins
Track Reported Cases of COVID-19

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