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The Department of Scientific Computing (DSC) plays a major role in the support of FSU's cyberinfrastructure by providing facilities and technical expertise in the support of scientific computing. The DSC manages a dedicated computing facility located on the main FSU campus in Dirac Science Library. The DSC facility provides a highly flexible computing environment designed to support specialized and experimental hardware and software systems.

DSC Computing Facility

The DSC facility supports an assortment of computer architectures, interconnects, and operating systems. Systems hosted in the DSC facility are owned by DSC and are dedicated to a wide range of research problems including; machine learning, neuroscience, molecular biophysics, evolutionary biology, network modeling, and Monte-Carlo algorithm development. The DSC facility is equipped with two 40-ton HVAC cooling units, 1000 ft2 of raised floor, an extensive power distribution system, UPS battery backup systems, and a 550 KVA diesel-powered backup generator, which provides backup power to all of the hardware and HVACs in this server room. The DSC network is built on a 10 Gbps backbone, providing connectivity to a switching infrastructure and to key servers and storage. The DSC network connects via 10 Gbps to the FSU campus backbone, which in turn connects to the 100 Gbps Florida LamdaRail.

FSU RCC (formerly the Shared-HPC)

Please click here to access the latest RCC facilities statement (https://rcc.fsu.edu/facilities).

Scientific Visualization

The DSC supports a general access laboratory for scientific visualization and computational intelligence. The laboratory is located in the center of the main FSU campus on the fourth floor of the Dirac Science Library (DSL). The Visualization Laboratory hosts several high-end visualization workstations each equipped with GPU video cards that are compatible with the CUDA SDK. All workstations have access to a multi-terabyte shared high-performance storage.

The DSC's visualization resources also include a high-resolution laser projection system to support multidisciplinary scientific visualization. The system is located in our main seminar room adjacent to the Visualization Lab. A cutting edge 4K Enhancement Technology rear-mounted projector illuminates an 18' x 8' screen. The system supports numerous input devices via a simple to use touch panel screen.

General DSC Infrastructure

The DSC provides office space to DSC faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and other DSC associated support personnel. Designated visitor offices are also available. All offices are equipped with a desktop computer and network connections; wireless is available throughout campus. The department of Scientific Computing supports a cutting edge classroom facility on the campus of FSU to support scientific programming curriculum. The classroom was funded in part by a Student Technology fee award for instructional technology enhancements. The room is equipped with 19 Intel-based workstations running LINUX or Windows and is used primarily for classes taught by DSC faculty. In addition to the computer classroom, a large seminar room is located on the fourth floor with a capacity for 80 people and is equipped with a 4K Enhanced rear-mounted laser projection system. Also, two conference rooms equipped with large high-definition displays can facilitate smaller groups.