Chad Sockwell, a Scientific Computing doctoral student, recently won the outstanding poster award at Los Alamos National Laboratory’s student research symposium; his poster was recognized in a meeting that had over 300 entries. Sockwell received the outstanding poster award for his research and presentation in the Earth and Space Sciences category. His research entitled, Exponential Integrator - Krylov Methods for Mimetic Ocean Models, is part of a one year project Sockwell is completing at the lab.

“At this current moment, the temporal dimension has become a bottleneck in massively parallel ocean simulations due to the nature of the equations used in ocean modeling... I hope my research and the methods I investigate can solve this problem, thereby improving ocean simulations and allowing for more data to be obtained and analyzed to make well-informed decisions for the future.”

Chad Sockwell

LANL is a United States Department of Energy national laboratory. The lab does research and activities that relate to security, intelligence, defense, emergency response, and environmental management.