Scientific Computing Professor and Humboldt Fellow Anke Meyer-Baese was selected as international collaborator by the recipient of this year’s Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship. Dr. Claudia Plant, a group leader in Biomedical Imaging at the Technical University of Munich, was awarded the highly competitive Humboldt-sponsored award in October. The award brings together current fellowship recipients with prior Humboldt fellows to sponsor and promote international research. Dr. Plant arrived at Scientific Computing in March and will be collaborating in data mining applied to medical imaging with Professor Meyer-Baese. Dr. Plant’s expertise is in brain imaging and disease-related neurosciences and enhances the existing medical imaging program at Scientific Computing. She combines both algorithm-developing skills and their application to therapeutic intervention/prevention in treating major diseases. Dr. Plant advised many graduate students at her home institution and is pursuing cutting-edge research in the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

The Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship is a highly competitive award, and is the instrument with which the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation enables highly-qualified scientists and scholars from Germany to spend extended periods of research (6-24 months) abroad. Scientists and scholars from all disciplines may apply for any target country abroad. Applicants are assessed on the academic quality and feasibility of the research proposal submitted by the candidate; academic publications in internationally-reviewed journals and for publishing houses; and statements on the candidate’s academic achievements and potential contained in the expert references submitted by the candidate.