A DSC undergraduate student attended a two-week high energy density science summer school in Traverse City, Michigan. Ryan Learn was an attendee at the Foundations of High Energy Density Physics summer school at Northwestern Michigan College from August 6th through August 20th. The last time the course was offered in 2004, and Learn was glad for the opportunity to participate.

The lectures were presented by R. Paul Drake, renowned author, professor and lecturer, and included topics such as fundamental equations and equations of state, hydrodynamic instabilities, radiative transfer, radiation hydrodynamics, creating high energy density conditions, inertial fusion, experimental astrophysics, and relativistic systems. The summer school was sponsored by the Department of Atmospheric Oceanic and Space Science at the University of Michigan and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Learn is studying under the direction of Tomasz Plewa. Learn's participation in the School was supported by Plewa's research grant. For more information on the summer school, go to www.hedss.org.