SC will participate in a multimillion-dollar grant (FSU share $1 million dollars) awarded by the Department of Energy, Office of Science as part of the Mathematical Multifaceted Integrated Capability Centers (MMICCs) program. SC Chair Max Gunzburger will collaborate with researchers from all over the U.S., including the University of Texas at Austin, Colorado State University, Los Alamos National Lab, Oak Ridge National Lab, MIT, and Stanford University.

SC Professor Janet Peterson and Research Associate John Burkardt will work with Gunzburger and other collaborators to develop optimal mathematical methods and algorithms for end-to-end modeling and simulation of complex problems of the highest order. Modeling such highly complex, compound problems is immensely difficult, and requires integrated solutions of forward, inverse, optimization, and uncertainty quantification problems for large, multiphysics, multiscale models. To realize this goal, Gunzburger and his colleagues at other institutions have proposed DiaMonD, a MMICC distributed center focusing on multifaceted mathematics of Data, Models, and Decisions. The goal of DiaMonD is to address - in a unified, systematic and integrated fashion - the mathematical problems underlying forward and inverse analysis, optimization, and uncertainty quantification in frontier research in energy, environment and security.

The research project will continue through December 2017.

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