Feifei Xu will spend this summer in China as a visiting scholar at the Beijing Computational Science Research Center. Xu plans to work with mathematician Qiang Du researching adaptive mesh refinement for peridynamic models. Established in 2009, the research center carries out fundamental, frontier research with advanced computational approaches in multidisciplinary mixes of mathematics, mechanics, physics, chemistry, materials science, and computational science.

Xu’s research will investigate the a posteriori error approximation to nonlocal problems and devise an adaptive mesh refinement method so that the convergence behavior will be fast and efficient, which includes dealing with discontinuities as well as steep gradients. The first experiments will explore the one-dimensional case, and then generalize to two-dimensional spaces. Xu began her summer travels on May 5th and will return at the end of August.

For more on the research center, go to http://www.csrc.ac.cn.