Arsia Takeh


Uncertainty analysis of Inferring CCD using Crystaf


CCD of Random Copolymers Physical properties of copolymers are influenced by how comonomer units are distributed on the copolymer chains. One of the important distributions that is used to describe them is chemical composition distribution (CCD), it describes the distribution of the average comonomer content of the copolymer chains, thus reflecting intermolecular heterogeneity. The relationship between the CCD of copolymers and their mechanical and thermal properties is one of the important structure- property relationships that have to be properly quantified for polyolefins. In order to establish these structure-property relationships, one needs to have an analytical technique that can accurately determine the CCD of copolymers. In the case of semi-crystalline copolymers, we used crystallization analysis fractionation (Crystaf)1. Crystaf fractionate polymer chains according to their crystallizabilities via crystallization from dilute solution.