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2021 Computational Xpo - Day 2:

Poster Q&A Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session A
1:00 to 1:30 PM (EST)

View Jake's Poster
Title: A novel solver for diffusive processes in exterior domains

View Behshad's Poster
Title: Role of Sensitivity Analysis in Stress Testing Power System Controllers

View Alex's Poster
Title: A Theoretical Look at the Application of Shape Analysis to Acoustics and Signals

Breakout Session B
1:30 to 2:00 PM (EST)

View Yu-Chieh's Poster
Title: Accelerate stochastic calculation of random-phase approximation correlation energy difference with atom-based correlated sampling

View Eric's Poster
Title: Text Style Transfer using Transformers

View Kevin's Poster
Title: Estimating Accurate Gene Trees in the presence of Intra-locus Recombination; a Simulation Study

Breakout Session C
2:00 to 2:30 PM (EST)

View Brandon's Poster
Title: A Hybrid Adaptive Multiresolution Approach for the Efficient Simulation of Reactive Flows

View Kyle's Poster
Title: Spread of an Advantageous Allele through Space and Time

View Toan's Poster
Title: Exploration of population-level patterns in spontaneous neural activity in micem