Undergraduate Courses

This course introduces the student to the science of computations. Topics cover algorithms for standard problems in computational science, as well as the basics of an object-oriented programming language, to facilitate the student’s implementation of algorithms.

Satisfies FSU Computer Competency requirement.

Prerequisites: MAC 2311 (Calculus I)

Each semester, the course is taught with a different programming language, with the following schedule:

Spring 2020  Fortran
Fall 2019    C++
Spring 2019  Java
Fall 2018    C++
Spring 2018  Fortran
Fall 2017    Fortran
Spring 2017  Java
Fall 2016    C++
Spring 2016  Fortran
Fall 2015    C++
Spring 2015  Java
Fall 2014    Fortran
Spring 2014  C++
Fall 2013    Java

The course may also be offered in the summer, in which case the language will be chosen by the instructor.

Download this file (ISC3313_2019-UG_final_2019-02-19.pdf)Syllabus[Fall 2019]128 kB
Download this file (Syllabus_3133_Fall2014.pdf)Syllabus[Fall 2014]100 kB
Download this file (ISC_3313_Syllabus_Fortran.sp16.pdf)Syllabus[Spring 2016]31 kB
Download this file (ISC3313 Summer 2013.pdf)Syllabus[Summer 2013]77 kB
Download this file (ISC3313 Spring 2012.pdf)Syllabus[Spring 2012]354 kB
Download this file (ISC3313 Summer 2012.pdf)Syllabus[Sumer 2012]75 kB
Download this file (ISC3313 Fall 2011.pdf)Syllabus[Fall 2011]60 kB
Download this file (ISC3313 Summer 2011.pdf)Syllabus[Summer 2011]74 kB
Download this file (ISC3313 Fall 2010.pdf)Syllabus[Fall 2010]1024 kB