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Last Offered Fall 2024
Programming Language will be

ISC 3313. Introduction to Scientific Computing (3). Prerequisites: MAC 2311 or instructor permission. This course introduces the student to the science of computation. Topics cover algorithms for standard problems in computational science, as well as the basics of an object-oriented programming language, to facilitate the students' implementation of algorithms.

Satisfies FSU Computer Competency requirement.

Each semester, this course is taught with a different programming language, with the following (historical) schedule shown below. The course may also be offered in the summer, in which case the language will be chosen by the instructor.

C++ FA 2024, SP 2024, FA 2023, SP 2023, FA 2022, SP 2022, FA 2021, FA 2020, FA 2019, FA 2018, FA 2016, FA 2015, SP 2014
Fortran SP 2020, SP 2018, FA 2017, SP 2016, FA 2014
Java SP 2019, SP 2017, SP 2015, FA 2013
Python SU 2022, SU 2021, SU 2020

Download this file (ISC3313_2019-UG_final_2019-02-19.pdf)Syllabus[Fall 2019]128 kB
Download this file (Syllabus_3133_Fall2014.pdf)Syllabus[Fall 2014]100 kB
Download this file (ISC_3313_Syllabus_Fortran.sp16.pdf)Syllabus[Spring 2016]31 kB
Download this file (ISC3313 Summer 2013.pdf)Syllabus[Summer 2013]77 kB
Download this file (ISC3313 Spring 2012.pdf)Syllabus[Spring 2012]354 kB
Download this file (ISC3313 Summer 2012.pdf)Syllabus[Sumer 2012]75 kB
Download this file (ISC3313 Fall 2011.pdf)Syllabus[Fall 2011]60 kB
Download this file (ISC3313 Summer 2011.pdf)Syllabus[Summer 2011]74 kB
Download this file (ISC3313 Fall 2010.pdf)Syllabus[Fall 2010]1024 kB