Department of Scientific Computing
6th Annual SIAM Student Conference
Tuesday, 08 April 2014 15:38

In anticipation of a host of approaching SIAM meetings, Scientific Computing students Mike Schneier, Rui Gu, Danial Smith, and James Cheung travelled in March to Virginia Tech for the 6th Annual SIAM Student Conference. Schneier, Gu, Smith and Cheung were joined by postdoc Hans-Werner van Wyk and Research Associate John Burkhardt, who once again organized the event.



The Department of Scientific Computing (SC) is the focal point of computational science activities at FSU. Computational science involves the invention, implementation, testing, and application of algorithms and software used to solve large-scale scientific and engineering problems. We provide a venue for innovative research and education in scientific computing. Our faculty come from a wide variety of traditional mathematical and scientific disciplines who are primarily interested in developing knowledge and tools for computational science and applying those tools for the solution of problems in a variety of applications.

New B.S. in Computational Science at FSU
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