"New Analysis Techniques for New Imaging Techniques"

Nathan Crock and Gordon Erlebacher
Department of Scientific Computing
Florida State University

499 Dirac Science Library


The neuron doctrine has been a foothold for all neuroscientists climbing the mysterious mountain that we call the brain. It revolutionized our understanding of neuronal dynamics and our ability to study and diagnose diseases and disorders. Several contemporary studies show that astrocytes play more than just a metabolic role in the brain. We have learned that they are more fundamental to several neural functions than previously believed. An 'astrocyte doctrine' as one might call it, is sorely missing. Research at the Max Planck Institute is attempting to shine light on the rules governing the intracellular calcium dynamics of astrocytes, which is believed to be their mechanism for communication. In this talk we will consider the data, how it was obtained, its analysis, and future research.

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