Group of Mathematical, Computational and Experimental Neuroscience (MCEN), Basque Center forApplied Mathematics (BCAM)

"Bistability of synaptic release in the presence of gliotransmission"

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Astrocytes – a predominant cortical glial cell type – have been implicated in the active regulation ofsynaptic transmission, through the modulation of either pre- or post-synaptic receptors by activity-depedent release of neurotransmitters, otherwise known as “gliotransmitters.” The need forgliotransmission and its implications in neuronal activity remain nonetheless elusive. Starting from aclassical description of synaptic release, I will introduce a simple model for gliotransmission, leveraging on the experimental observation of a reduction of paired-pulse plasticity by this letter. Thisframework is then extend to individual neurons and cortical networks revealing how gliotransmitter-mediated increases of synaptic release could promote bistability of neuronal firing rates. In turn, thisscenario could underpin either emergence or death of persistent activity of either synchronous orasynchronous types providing theoretical support to emerging evidence for involvement of astrocytesin epileptiform activity, attention-related tasks, as well as working memory

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