Department of Scientific Computing faculty Xiaoqiang Wang and Bryan Quaife, along with Nick Moore and Xiaoming Wang in the Department of Mathematics, are organizers for the approaching 41st SIAM-SEAS Conference to be held Saturday and Sunday, March 18th and 19th. Conference registration, plenary talks, poster presentations and the evening reception will be held at the Student Services Building. Workshop sessions will be held at the HCB Classroom Building.

Plenary speakers include Greg Forest, UNC Chapel Hill; Annalisa Quaini, University of Houston and Gilbert Strang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Many Scientific Computing faculty, postdocs and students will chair workshops and/or present research papers including Alessandro Alla, Lukas Bystricky, James Cheung, Max Gunzburger, Mario Harper, Eitan Lees, Bryan Quaife, David Robinson, Michael Schneier, Chad Sockwell, Maliheh Tameh, Jilu Wang, Ming Ye, and Wenju Zhao. SC alumni Guannan Zhang, Pablo Seleson, and Feifei Xu will present their research, as will former SC postdoc Hans-Werner van Wyk.

Graduate students Phil Boehner, Evan Cresswell, Nathan Crock, Antogoni Georgiadou, Ryan Learn, Kyle Shaw, and Chad Sockwell will present research posters beginning at 5:30pm on Saturday evening at the reception.

“A diverse set of minisyposiums and speakers will showcase exciting research where computation plays a pivotal role. In line with missions of SIAM and the Department of Scientific Computing, the meeting will foster interdisciplinary discussions between academia, industry, and government agencies,” says Quaife.

Conference lodging is downtown at the DoubleTree, located at the corner of Park Avenue and S. Adams Street. The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics marries math, science and technology through membership, publishing, and conferences.

For more information, including research abstracts and poster topics, go to