Grad student Lukas Bystricky presented a poster on his research entitled, “Modeling 2D Rigid Body Motion Using Boundary Integral Equations,” at a workshop held June 9 – 10, 2017 at Yale University. Bystricky’s research investigates modeling the motion of suspended rigid particles in confined and unconfined domains to help understand how macroscopic properties of suspensions can be aided by a detailed understanding of the motion of suspended particles. SC Assistant Professor Bryan Quaife was also in attendance at the workshop.

The two-day workshop featured ten speakers from academia, national laboratories, foundations and companies whose presentations celebrated the far-reaching impact in applied mathematics of the work of Charlie Epstein and Leslie Greengard. Their work includes fast algorithms, PDEs and integral equations, medical imaging, numerical analysis, population genetics, and data analysis. The workshop included poster sessions, a banquet, and plenty of informal interaction time.

The workshop was supported by the Simons Foundation, Yale University and the Office of Naval Research.

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