S.S. Papadopulos and Associates has invited SCS doctoral student Hailin Deng for a summer internship position. S.S. Papadopulos is an environmental and water resource consulting firm established in 1979 to provide professional consulting services for groundwater issues, contaminant studies, remediation, geochemistry, and surface-water hydrology. Their services include Water Resource Studies, Contamination Studies, Remediation Feasibility Studies & Design, Geochemical Studies, Modeling, Database, GIS, and Mapping, Software Development, and Applied Research. They have nine locations, including offices in Beijing, Montreal and Waterloo.

Hailin will focus on groundwater modeling research during his ten week internship (June 2nd - August 10th) in Bethesda, Maryland. Hailin studies Geological Science under the direction of Dr. Ming Ye.