In anticipation of a host of approaching SIAM meetings, Scientific Computing students Mike Schneier, Rui Gu, Danial Smith, and James Cheung travelled in March to Virginia Tech for the 6th Annual SIAM Student Conference. Schneier, Gu, Smith and Cheung were joined by postdoc Hans-Werner van Wyk and Research Associate John Burkhardt, who once again organized the event.

The conference was co-sponsored by Emory University, University of Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech, Clemson, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The National Science Foundation provided travel funds for some students, making it possible for them to attend.

The two-day conference began with a poster session and reception off campus, while the event was held at McBryde Hall at Virginia Tech. Each of the twenty students gave a 15 minute talk on their research as a means of familiarizing themselves with presentation forums, audience questions, and stage presence. After refining their respective presentations, each of the students will present their research at other SIAM conferences.