A research project aimed at studying deep sea shark populations has received funding from the university Committee on Faculty Research Support through the Council on Research and Creativity. COFRS awarded research funding to Professor Peter Beerli for $14,000. Beerli’s proposal, Simulating Deep Sea Shark Populations: Explorations to improve population genetic inference from genomic data, will generate new software tools and provide simulation data to examine patterns of genetic variation caused by population processes. Beerli plans to collaborate with Charleston College professor Gavin Naylor. During the early summer, Beerli will run simulations, and with the help of a graduate student, mentor a student from the FSU Young Scholars program. Beerli plans to use the findings to extend the inferences approaches of his software, MIGRATE, which is used by many science researchers. For additional information about CRC research or the COFRS grant program, go to www.research.fsu.edu/crc.