Dept. of Scientific Computing,
Florida State University

"StudioPy: An Interactive Educational Applet for Active Learning in Computational Science"

Oct 27, 2021 Schedule:

Tea Time - F2F ( 417 DSL) / Virtual ( Zoom)
03:00 to 03:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Colloquium - F2F ( 499 DSL) / Virtual ( Zoom)
03:30 to 04:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Meeting # 942 7359 5552


When we think of learning in the classroom, we often picture the lecture-style, traditional method of teaching. However, there has been growing interest and research into active learning, a method of teaching involving more hands-on engagement with activities, in-class discussion, etc. to stimulate use of higher order critical thinking skills. Active learning shows substantial promise in improving the educational gains of students at all levels. We will broadly discuss these two forms of learning.

What about the idea of interactive educational applets for use in active learning programs, particularly in scientific computing and other STEM fields? An interactive educational applet has appeal in the active learning toolkit to enable educational growth for students both inside and outside of the classroom. We will cover some of the existing matured programs available.

Finally, we introduce StudioPy, an interactive educational applet being designed for the Department of Scientific Computing at Florida State University. It is a highly modular, extendable, and modifiable GUI program written in Python using the PySimpleGUI framework. StudioPy is designed to provide interactive, physically motivated program examples accompanied by short-form text descriptions to aid in-class instruction and provide a simple laboratory environment for scientific computing concepts.

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