"PhD Job Facts That No One Told You"

Leo Rebholz
Mathematics Department
Clemson University

When you finish graduate school, don't expect a job to be waiting for you! Graduate school is not a guarantee of a job! For instance, there are 1,000 new math PhD's each year, but only 100 new tenure track openings, which could result in 900 rather unhappy graduates!

There are important things you can do, now, in graduate school, for the best chance of the right job with academia, industry, or a national lab.

I will tell you:

  • how to choose a research area;
  • why picking the right advisor matters;
  • how to choose the jobs you apply for;
  • how to prepare for an interview;
  • differences between academic and industrial environments.

Wednesday, January 27 422 Dirac Science Library

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