Danial Smith


E-Rebuild: Mathematics and Design


Earthquake Rebuild, or E-Rebuild, is a game focused on the giving students an informal knowledge of mathema cs using architecture and design principles. E-Rebuild is designed to be a tool to assist in formal educa on and should be used in conjunc on with tradi onal methods of teaching to reinforce the informal knowledge gained from these exercises. Primarily focused on grades sixth through eighth, E-Rebuild will focus rst on being fun. We think the more a student enjoys the experience, the more me they will put into it. Learning and assessment will be done through the gameplay experience. Using evidence centered design, the tasks involved will measure competencies in certain areas of the Common Core Standards to build a model of the player. This model will then be used for sca olding and di culty scaling. Dynamically scaled di culty will allow for a targeted play experience and will increase player engagement. Procedurally genera ng levels using the model of the player will allow us to improve the model of the player by speci cally using task designed to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each student individually. Content customiza on will not be focused solely on di culty or mathema cal weaknesses. Using a ec ve compu ng techniques, E-rebuild will evolve into to the game each student wants to play while efectively targeting their defciencies.