Briley, Joshua(Cx24)

"Extending Four Bugs on a Square: The Infinite Bug Chase"
By: Joshua Briley & Dr. Bryan Quaife

Chouhan, Pankaj (Cx24)

"Gaussian Process based Surrogate Models for Polymer Rheology"
By: Pankaj Chouhan, Dr.Sachin Shanbhag

Greenwood, Jhamieka (Cx24)

"Discovery of Governing Equations in Wildfire Spread Using Weak SINDy"
By: Jhamieka Greenwood & Dr. Bryan Quaife

Kanawade, Kunal (Cx24)

"Structural Topology Optimization with Graph Neural Networks Techniques"
By: Kunal Kanawade & Nick Dexter

Khodaei, Marzieh (Cx24)

"Multilocus Phylogenetic Tree Estimation Using Topic Modeling"
By: Marzieh Khodaei, Scott V. Edwards, and Peter Beerli

Miranda, Jose Roberto (Cx24)

"Neural Synthetic Profiles from Remote Sensing and Observations (NeSPReSO): Reconstructing temperature and salinity fields in the Gulf of Mexico"
By: Jose Roberto Miranda, Olmo Zavala-Romero, et al.

Mittal, Shivangi (Cx24)

"The Method of Harmonic Balance for Differential Constitutive Models in Oscillatory Shear"
By: Shivangi Mittal, Yogesh M. Joshi, Sachin Shanbhag

Poudel, Sanjeeb (Cx24)

"A novel technique for minimizing energy functional using neural networks"
By: Sanjeeb Poudel, Xiaoqiang Wang, Sanghyun Lee

Sagel, Daryn (Cx24)

"Unraveling Fire and Plume Behaviors: A Multiscale Image Approach"
By: Daryn Sagel & Bryan Quaife

Taiyebah, Farhana (Cx24)

"Fractal Characteristics of Rayleigh-Taylor Unstable Systems"
By: Farhana Taiyebah and Tomasz Plewa

Tyagi, Mani (Cx24)

"Embedded Atom Approximation for Exchange-Correlation Energy"
By: Mani Tyag and Chen Huang

Weber, Marie (Cx24)

"Evolution of the GABA Receptor in Upland Chorus Frog (Pseudacris ferarium) and its Relationship to Mating Preferences and Speciation"
By: Marie Weber, Dr. Alan Lemmon, Dr. Emily Lemmon

White, Liam (Cx24)

"Level Set Grids for Hybrid Manufacturing"
By: Liam White, Bryan Quaife, et al.

Ziegler, Kevin (Cx24)

"Improving the Genome Assembly of the Upland Chorus Frog Pseudacris feriarum"
By: Kevin Ziegler and Alan Lemmon