Allen, Sophie (Cx23)

"Modeling Neural Circuits to Understand Incipient Speciation in Chorus Frogs"
By: Sophie Allen and Alan Lemmon

Greenwood, Jhamieka (Cx23)

"Adverse Effects On Erosion and Biogeochemical Fluxes Post-Fire"
By: Jhamieka Greenwood, Dr. Bryan Quaife, Dr. Xin Tong, & Dr. Kevin Speer

Gusto, Brandon (Cx23)

"Learning How Stars Explode: Supernovae, Turbulent Combustion, and Machine Learning"
By: Brandon Gusto & Tomasz Plewa

Kanawade, Kunal (Cx23)

"Deep learning for high-dimensional uncertainty quantification"
By: Kunal Kanawade & Nick Dexter

Khodaei, Tara (Cx23)

"Multilocus Evolutionary Analysis Using Probabilistic Topic Modeling"
By: Marzieh (Tara) Khodaei & Peter Beerli

Merritt, Kathryn (Cx23)

"Evaluating a New Method of Obtaining Genotype Data"
By: Kathryn "Katy" Merritt & Dr. Alan Lemmon

Mueller, Kevin (Cx23)

"A longitudinal MRI preprocessing pipeline of grey matter atrophy for modeling Alzheimer’s disease progression"
By: Kevin Mueller, Toan Tran, Gordon Erlebacher, & Anke Meyer-Baese

Peterson, Alexander (Cx23)

"Integration of Logarithmically Smooth Functions over Large Domains"
By: Alexander S. Peterson & Sachin Shanbhag

Poudel, Sanjeeb (Cx23)

"Topology-preserving phase-field modeling of elastic bending energy"
By: Sanjeeb Poudel, Xiaoqiang Wang, Sanghyun Lee

Squier, Hannah (Cx23)

"The Evolution of the GABA Receptor in Pseudacris and its Contribution to Speciation"
By: Hannah Squier, Dr. Alan Lemmon, & Dr. Emily Lemmon

White, Liam (Cx23)

" A novel approach for adaptive skeleton toolpath generation"
By: Liam White, Bryan Quaife, Michael Borish

Ziegler, Kevin (Cx23)

"Draft Genome of the Upland Chorus Frog Pseudacris feriarum"
By: Kevin Ziegler and Alan Lemmon