In today's economy, there is an increasing need for students who possess scientific and computational expertise as well as management and leadership skills. All students entering this master's degree program should have a strong desire to do computational science. The Master's Degree in Computational Science gives students the tools needed for landing a sucessfull job after graduation.

Coursework and Credits

The coursework for the M.S. degree program is based on 30 credit hours for the major track (standard M.S. in Computational Science). Each student must take two core computational science courses (Group A courses) as well as a minimum of 9 credit hours in other computational science courses (Group B courses) plus 6 additional credit hours selected from existing departmental courses in computer science, engineering, mathematics or an applied science (Group C courses). Each student must also take 2 seminar hours (details are listed in the Graduate Handbook, Page 10, section 5.1.3).

Required Core Courses (Group A) Elective Core Courses (Group B)

Master's tracks

We have established the following track(s) for the M.S. degree program:

M.S. in Computational Science

M.S. in Data Science

Application & Information

The program is open to students holding a bachelor's degree in mathematical and physical sciences and engineering. You can apply for the graduate programs online.

For further information concerning this M.S. program at FSU, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please check back periodically to this website for updates to the program.