The Department of Scientific Computing maintains computing hardware in a robust machine room on the fourth floor of Dirac Science Library. Most the hardware in this machine room is owned by DSC and non-DSC research groups and is dedicated to a wide range of research problems including; molecular biophysics, evolutionary biology, network modeling, and Monte-Carlo algorithm development. DSC faculty and students can access the idle cycles on the owner based machines by using a system called condor.  The condor system is configured to match single process non-interactive batch submissions to any idle CPUs hosted in the DSC machine room or in DSC desktop machines.  Some general access machines are made available to DSC faculty and students to compile software and to run interactive jobs, e.g., MatLab.  Also, the DSC manages and supports a general access visualization lab and FSU's shared HPC facility.  To learn more about the hardware resources hosted or managed by DSC, click on one of the links below.