We are excited to offer a new 30-credit MS degree in Interdisciplinary Data Science (IDS) with a major in Scientific Computing beginning in Fall 2021!

Data is exploding all around us and will keep growing at dizzying rates for the foreseeable future in fields as diverse as health, material science, finance, biology, the internet of things, experimental physics, law, art, and psychology, along with many others. Tools of choice to analyze these data revolve around model reduction, probability, data, and machine learning. On the demand side, industry, government, and national labs are clamoring for a workforce skilled in artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analysis, and data modeling. Our students will graduate with a Master’s degree, preparing them to succeed in a world where computation, mathematics, and statistics have become fundamental necessities. They will create the next generation computational algorithms necessary to model, manipulate, analyze, visualize, and transform unstructured, structured, static, and streaming data.

A core set of Statistics, Mathematics, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Data Ethics courses will create a strong core of fundamentals upon which to build. Students will further specialize and strengthen their skills through electives taken in Scientific Computing and the other three majors (Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science), such as High-Performance Computing, Cloud Computing, and Probabilistic Programming.

Admission - M.S. in Data Science

  • Click Here for Interdisciplinary Data Science (IDS) Website (datascience.fsu.edu)