For Computational Science students taking classes needing remote resources for their coursework and research. Please see the following recommmended resources:

myFSUVLab [24x7 Access]

Click Here for myFSUVLab's Service Details

MATLAB Online [24x7 Access]

Click Here for MATLAB Online's General Limitations

Research Computing (RCC/HPC) [24x7 Access]

If a student does not have an RCC/HPC account, they can apply for one here .

From the "Select a Faculty Sponsor" dropdown you can choose from the following DSC facuilty members: Gordon Erlebacher, Peter Beerli, Sachin Shanbhag, Xiaoqiang Wang.

Scientific Computing Resources [some restrictions apply]

Students can use secure shell client to connect to, from there run qlogin or classroom.

Students can use secure shell client to tunnel to, from there you can reference "localhost" to tunnel to a protected remote desktop resource.