Creating New FAQs

The FAQ section is reserved for Administrative frequently asked questions. New FAQ entries must contain the following HTML code as its template:

  • Q: ?
  • A:

Populating Metadata Information

Every article under Joomla can have metadata associated with it. This metadata is used to display Related Articles below the current article. It is important to NOT use generic keywords in the metadata. This will result in unrelated articles being displayed instead of only the relevant ones. To circumvent this problem, only use keywords which are unique to the article you are working on. Refrain from using commonly used words (the, and, who, what, when, etc.). Click here to see an example.

Adding the Lightbox Effect

To add a lightbox effect to images the following class tag must be added.

Example Code Working Example
Joomla Logo
Joomla Logo

Adding Slider Panes

To add slider panes to web pages the following code template should be used. An example of this feature is used in this current page.

Heading 1

content for heading 1

Heading 2

content for heading 2

Showing Code in Articles

To show code in articles you must use the "pre xml:html" tags. This activates the Code Hightlighter (GeSHi) which nicely displays your code with syntax highlighting. Replace the starting and ending quotes in the below example with less than and greater than characters, respectively.

 "pre xml:html"