The Panasonic Panaboard (UB-2815C) is a Color Scanning System that preserves writings on the board to attached devices: USB Flash Memory/SD Memory Card/printers/computers. Four boards are located in DSL 152, 411, 416 and 499.

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Save Image to USB Flash Drive

  • Set the power switch to on.
  • Connect the USB flash memory device to “MEMORY” slot.
    • Devices formatted using FAT (FAT16) will be recognized by the unit faster. Drives with security feature or larger than 2GB in size may experience difficulty.
  • Press the Mode Key (return or half moon key) to select the scanning mode.
  • Press the Start/Stop Key (green button).
    • Do not remove the USB device until the preview is shown.
  • Press the Multi-Copy Key (right triangle) to zoom in on the image or to return to the preview.
  • Press the Mode Key (return or half moon key) again to return to standby mode.
    • Only remove the USB flash memory device once you have returned to standby mode.
    • Files are saved in ub-2815c folder in PDF format by default. Can choose JPEG/TIFF if needed.
    • Time stamp on the scan can be turned off if needed.

Download this file (PanaboardTutorial.ppt)Tutorial Slides[Panaboard Tutorial]467 kB
Download this file (UB-2815C_OperatingInstructions_ENG.pdf)Operating Instructions[User Manual]4695 kB
Download this file (Panaboard_UB-2815C_2315C_ss.pdf)Panaboard Info[Capabilities and specifications]4277 kB