There are numerous ways to host your personal website. Here are a few recommended methods:

FSU's myWebDAV Solution

  • FSU's myWebDAV Service. Available to all Faculty and Students.
  • If your website is not created yet, please submit a support ticket here,
  • Use WebDAV clients to manage your website: e.g., My Network Places (under Windows) or Connect to Server (on the Mac)

DSC's public_html Solution

  • or
  1. Change permissions of your home directory
    chmod 0711 ~
  2. Create public_html folder in your home directory
    mkdir ~/public_html
  3. Change permissions of your public_html directory
    chmod 755 ~/public_html
  4. Add content to your public_html (space counts towards your quota)
  5. IMPORTANT: This will likely allow other users in the file system to read files in your home directory. Please manage the permissions accordingly.

Google portals and other web presence hosts