Where can students find more details on Scholarships, Grants, and Fellowships that Accept Applications from Non-US Citizens?

Click here for Non-US Citizen Opportunties

Where can undergraduate students find more details on the Center for Undergraduate Research & Academic Engagement (CRE)?

Click here for cre.fsu.edu.

Is there a Database to search for Funding and Grant opportunities?

Yes. COS/PIVOT (formerly Community of Science)

The Community of Science funding search engine, commonly referred to as COS, has recently changed its name to Pivot.

What is the recommended minimum score for the TOEFL and GRE?

For TOEFL a score >80, and for GRE a score >160 makes an application competitive.

Where can I find forms for graduate students?

Click "Read More" for Links to DocuSign PowerForms

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Starting today (May 23, 2016), and until further notice, we will be contributing funds to students going to conferences to give presentations or present posters.

Click here for the Travel Award Policy details.

How can I get help with improving my grammar?

Try this online resource