Francis X. Giraldo
Department of Applied Mathematics
Naval Postgraduate School

"A performance study of horizontally explicit vertically implicit (HEVI) time-integrators for non-hydrostatic atmospheric models"

Wednesday, Mar 20, 2024


I will begin the talk with a motivation for the challenges faced in weather and climate modeling and then describe why we need special time-integration methods in order to evolve the governing equations forward in time. I will spend some time on describing the element-based Galerkin (EBG) methods that we use in our models and how they are used in order to simplify the application of HEVI time-integrators regardless of whether we are solving regional or global models. This talk is motivated by my group and collaborators’ research in building operational weather prediction models as well as advancing the field for application in climate, space weather, and ocean dynamics. I will end my talk showing some examples of why I believe that EBG methods are ideally suited for ocean modeling. A list of publications on these topics can be found here .

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