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Sachin Shanbhag receives NSF Early Career Award for polymer research

Florida State University’s Department of Scientific Computing, established in 2009, has its very first faculty member receive an NSF Early Career Award.  Sachin Shanbhag, an Assistant Professor, received the prestigious award to continue his research on computational rheology of polymer melts. Unlike typical solids and liquids, “gooey” materials like polymer melts, foams, suspensions, and gels have both solid-like (elastic) and liquid-like (viscous) properties. Rheology is the study of how such viscoelastic materials respond to deformation.

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Humbolt Recipients to Collaborate on Medical Imaging

Scientific Computing Professor and Humboldt Fellow Anke Meyer-Baese was selected as international collaborator by the recipient of this year’s Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship. Dr. Claudia Plant, a group leader in Biomedical Imaging at the Technical University of Munich, was awarded the highly competitive Humboldt-sponsored award in October.

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