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Womeldorff gives back

After receiving his computational science Ph.D., Geoff Womeldorff realized he wanted somehow to help mentor other students through the degree process. One of his first opportunities was as a postdoc, by talking to students in his group about the ins and outs of graduate school, selecting a professor, choosing a research area, and day to day academia.

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Huang research featured

Scientific Computing assistant professor Chen Huang’s research entitled, “Precise Design of Phosphorescent Molecular Butterflies with Tunable Photoinduced Structural Change and Dual Emission,” is featured on the cover of the international edition of the journal, Angewandte Chemie.

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Burkardt creates communication course for summer term

Scientific Computing Research Associate John Burkardt created a new course for the summer, entitled Scientific Communication. The course is designed to help students communicate their research in any medium, in any venue.

When did you begin to think about introducing a communication series for the students?

"The motivation for this class came from one of the graduate students, who said he needed a two-credit seminar course to complete his requirements. Then a friend of his said he would take the class, but suggested turning it into a writing class, so he would be motivated to finish a paper. With two students who seemed highly motivated to get something done over the summer, I agreed to set something up."

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Grad student attends conference, lands summer internship

Grad student Nathan Crock attended Sunposium 2015, the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience biennial conference in Jupiter, Florida. The Sunposium highlights some of the most complex issues at the forefront of understanding neural circuits, and features world-renowned scientists from research institutes and universities throughout the US and Europe. While he was at the March event, Crock discussed his research, and was invited to the Planck Institute for a collaboration.

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