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McCann to Interview at Nielsen

When Ian McCann noticed Engineering Day was on the horizon, he decided he’d go to explore some of the companies that were there and the kinds of jobs they had available. Along with a host of other Scientific Computing students, McCann attended the event on Tuesday, September 27th, and used his time to meet company representatives, discuss his skills and interests, and sign up for more information.

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Zhao summers at Livermore

As a Scientific Computing graduate student, Wenju Zhao attended a summer internship at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in Livermore, California near the San Francisco Bay area. LLNL is a world class federally funded science lab; its principle responsibility is to ensure the safety, security and reliability of the nation’s nuclear weapons. Each year, a large number of summer students are invited to participate in various research projects with scientists. This direct research experience is an unparalleled opportunity for undergraduate and graduate student to experience and understand first hand working in a premier research lab.

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Newly minted computational scientist

At 11am on the day before graduation, Brett-Michael Green’s eyes are heavy. He hasn’t had any sleep for the last 36 hours, and his folks arrive from Pensacola tonight to watch him march.

“My mom, dad, and uncle will be here later today. They’re staying at my place for tomorrow’s graduation ceremonies. My roommate moved out early, so I have an extra bedroom. And we don’t have to deal with parking tomorrow because I live so close to campus we can all walk. Everything worked out just right!”

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Ehtemami Receives Owenby Award

The College of Arts and Sciences selected Anahid Ehtemami as a recipient of the Ermine M. Owenby, Jr. Travel Award. The award recognizes significant achievements of women graduate students and supports their participation in professional meetings. Ehtemami received $500 to attend the SPIE Medical Imaging conference in San Diego, where she presented her research entitled, “Functional Connectivity Analysis of Resting State fMRI Networks in Nicotine Dependent Patients.”

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