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Grad students to attend Clemson Miniconference

Scientific Computing graduate students Chad Sockwell, Isaac Lyngaas, Lukas Bystricky and Nicolas Lopez will give talks at the upcoming 8th Annual JohnFest/SIAM Student Conference on February 6, 2016 at Clemson University. The informal miniconference in applied mathematics and related areas is sponsored jointly by the National Science Foundation, Clemson’s SIAM Student chapter, SIAM Southeast and Clemson’s Math department.

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Chinese scholars visit FSU

Mathematics scholars from the School of Mathematics and Computer Science at Ningxia University are visiting Scientific Computing for collaborative research and enhancement of mathematical models. Liyu Chen, Ting Li, Li Wang, and Qimin Zhang, all mathematicians, are in Tallahassee until February and are working with professors across campus to enhance research models.

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Womeldorff gives back

After receiving his computational science Ph.D., Geoff Womeldorff realized he wanted somehow to help mentor other students through the degree process. One of his first opportunities was as a postdoc, by talking to students in his group about the ins and outs of graduate school, selecting a professor, choosing a research area, and day to day academia.

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Huang research featured

Scientific Computing assistant professor Chen Huang’s research entitled, “Precise Design of Phosphorescent Molecular Butterflies with Tunable Photoinduced Structural Change and Dual Emission,” is featured on the cover of the international edition of the journal, Angewandte Chemie.

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