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Alum takes on challenging supercomputer project

The unique process of accepting a new supercomputer is one of the most challenging projects a programmer may take on during a career. When the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility’s (OLCF’s) Verónica Melesse Vergara came to the United States from Ecuador in 2005, she never would have dreamed of being part of such an endeavor. But just last fall, she was.

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Undergrad Jack Keen awarded IDEA Grant

Jack Keen, a senior computational science student, has been awarded the Helen Louis Lee Undergraduate Research Award to study a Neuronal Model of the Anuran Auditory System. Keen will use the $4,000 award to study the duration, frequency and pitch of the mating calls of anurans (chorus frogs) in research that tests and evaluates the effects of specific concentrations of ions (sodium, calcium, potassium, etc.) on the auditory system. Ultimately, the research will help scholars understand the driving, genetic mechanisms of evolution and animal behavior.

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New model promotes entrepreneurship

For 63 years, economists have constructed theories that rely on the Solow model, a mathematical formula for the value of total production of national goods which separates the determinants of economic growth into increases in labor, capital and technical progress. Solow’s theoretical model equates economic growth with the sum of the values of goods produced on individual machines. The theoretical model has been criticized, however, as it requires impractical, convoluting restrictions, and presumes that rules that govern a portion of the model also apply to the entire model.

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New breast screening technology can spot hidden cancer tumours

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women, accounting for 25 % of all cancer cases worldwide. Much progress has been made in detecting breast tumours, and survival rates are relatively high compared to other forms of cancer.

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Crock to take instructor training

Nathan Crock, a Computational Science doctoral student, has been accepted into the South Big Data Hub Instructor Training at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The training, led by Amy Hodge and Chris Hamm, will take place November 6 -7, 2018 on Georgia Tech’s campus at the Klas Advanced Computing Building.

“One of the main things that I have loved my entire life is teaching and sharing my passions. From very early on I've been organizing workshops and writing blogs and tutorials to communicate ideas that I am passionate about. So when I was offered this opportunity to improve my teaching and communication skills, I eagerly accepted,”

Nathan Crock

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