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FSU’s Center for Anchored Phylogenomics changes the way we study evolution

by Zachary Boehm

Alan & Emily Lemmon

Thanks to the development of a specialized gene sampling technique by center co-directors and husband-and-wife Alan and Emily Lemmon, FSU researchers have finally begun to chip away at this conundrum — and in doing so, they just might have helped to change the way that we study evolutionary biology forever.

For decades, the process of generating phylogenies (sprawling evolutionary trees) had been tiresome, time consuming and often prohibitively expensive, with hundreds of thousands of dollars being poured into relatively narrow individual studies.

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Chen Huang helps set record number of prestigious NSF awards at FSU

A record number of Florida State University faculty members have received the National Science Foundation’s prestigious CAREER award this year for researchers in the early stages of their careers.

Five Florida State University assistant professors have received the award that carries funding for their lab as well as the opportunity to work closely with the NSF in refining the direction of their research.

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