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Quaife presents research at 2016 CCAM

SC Faculty Bryan Quaife Discusses Simulation of a 2D Stokes Equation in Porous Media

Applied mathematician and Scientific Computing faculty Bryan Quaife attended a recent workshop on Fast Direct Solvers. The workshop was organized to exchange ideas on topics related to fast direct solvers, structured matrices, sparsity and data sparsity, structured preconditioning, high performance computing, fast PDE and IE solution, high order discretizations, related applications, and other relevant subjects.

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Epidemiology students, faculty attend Eponge Conference

Professor Peter Beerli gave lectures and hands-on tutorials to students who attended the program

A conference and workshop series designed to introduce graduate students and postdocs to the interface between epidemiology and population genetics was held October 3 – 7 at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia in Lima, Peru. This conference is the beginning of long term interactions between the university and the Global Health Institute in Antwerp, Belgium. One strategic goal the organizations hope to achieve is to establish a resident epidemiology program to improve public health in Peru, particularly the Amazon region where malaria and other diseases are widespread. Forty-one students attended the course.

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McCann to Interview at Nielsen

When Ian McCann noticed Engineering Day was on the horizon, he decided he’d go to explore some of the companies that were there and the kinds of jobs they had available. Along with a host of other Scientific Computing students, McCann attended the event on Tuesday, September 27th, and used his time to meet company representatives, discuss his skills and interests, and sign up for more information.

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Zhao summers at Livermore

As a Scientific Computing graduate student, Wenju Zhao attended a summer internship at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in Livermore, California near the San Francisco Bay area. LLNL is a world class federally funded science lab; its principle responsibility is to ensure the safety, security and reliability of the nation’s nuclear weapons. Each year, a large number of summer students are invited to participate in various research projects with scientists. This direct research experience is an unparalleled opportunity for undergraduate and graduate student to experience and understand first hand working in a premier research lab.

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